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Andrea G. Batton, LCPC

Ms. Batton received her Master of Science in Counseling and completed her post- graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her psychotherapy internship at Key Point Health Services, also in Baltimore, while treating severe and chronic mental health problems.

Ms. Batton is a graduate of the Behavior Therapy Institute of the International OCD Foundation. There she attended an intensive and specialized training program in State-of-the-Art cognitive-behavioral therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders (obsessive-compulsive & related disorders).

Ms. Batton completed over two years of advanced training as a post-graduate fellow at the nationally recognized Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington (BTC) where she specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders from a cognitive behavioral perspective. At BTC, she provided individual, in vivo, group and intensive therapy for anxiety and a variety of clinical disorders. Ms. Batton played a key role in the development and expansion of the compulsive hoarding program at BTC and participated in group and educational opportunities.

As a native resident of Baltimore, Andrea left BTC to work closer to home as an associate clinician at CBT Solutions of Baltimore, a private group practice located in the Lutherville/Towson area.

At CBT Solutions of Baltimore, Ms. Batton continued to specialize in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders for over 4 years. There she utilized the same treatment modalities as she did at BTC (individual, in vivo, group & intensive therapies), attended weekly peer case consultations, headed group therapy sessions, provided supervision and led presentations to educate Baltimore County school personnel on anxiety disorders in youth and to the general population, students, clinicians, sufferers, their friends & families on the nature of hoarding disorder at an event held at Towson University.

Currently, Ms. Batton is the director and practicing clinician at The Maryland Anxiety Treatment Center (MAC). While continuing to provide treatment for individuals suffering from anxiety, related disorders and depression, a further mission of MAC is to build awareness of such conditions and to end the associated stigma regarding mental health problems. Ms. Batton, actively serves on the board of and participates in events hosted by the OCD Mid-Atlantic, an official affiliate of the International OCD Foundation that serves the Maryland, DC & Virginia areas.

Andrea maintains her expertise in the treatment of anxiety & related disorders by attending and participating in frequent & regular professionally affiliated continuing education presentations and conferences, advanced training institutes and offering APA approved presentations to psychologists, licensed professional counselors and licensed clinical social workers in the areas of anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders.

Carolyn Muscar, LGPC

Carolyn Muscar LGPC therapist at Maryland Anxiety Center
Carolyn Muscar completed her Bachelor of Science at Harding University in Psychology and Youth and Family Ministry in 2005. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Community Agency Counseling in 2008 from the University of Memphis. During her graduate school training, she completed her practicum at Delta Medical Center working in individual and group settings with individuals suffering from chronic and severe mental illness. She completed her internship at the Exchange Club Family Center providing services for survivors of domestic violence as well as assessments and recommendations for individuals referred by the court system after receiving a charge related to domestic disturbance.

Following graduation, Carolyn worked as a Therapist for Camelot Care Center in Memphis, working with children and families in the state foster care system and assisting with the evaluations for the local Head Start Program. In 2009, Carolyn worked at Parkwood Behavioral Health Systems, a behavioral health facility in Olive Branch, Mississippi. She completed psychosocial intake evaluations in the Needs Assessment Center and provided group and individual treatment for adolescents in the inpatient acute unit until relocating to Maryland in 2011.

Over the course of her career, Carolyn developed a strong interest and passion for helping people who struggle with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. She values the opportunity to apply efficacious evidenced based cognitive behavioral treatments to help people overcome their difficulties to achieve full and meaningful lives. Carolyn joined The Maryland Anxiety Center in December 2018 and has a special interest in working with children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD and other OC spectrum disorders.

Sophia M. Alapati, LGPC

Sophia Alapati earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of William & Mary, and her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Towson University. She completed her masters internship at Key Point Health Services, a community-based mental health practice. After receiving her license, she worked as an offsite therapist at Thrive Behavioral Health. She has experience providing individual and family psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of clinical disorders.

Ms. Alapati’s clinical interests include hair pulling disorder, skin picking disorder, compulsive nail biting, and other body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs); OCD; anxiety; and LGBTQIA+ issues. In addition to treating anxiety and OCD-related disorders, she strives to advocate and reduce stigma for individuals with these conditions.

Sophia has been a member of the TLC Foundation for BFRBs since 2011. As a Young Adult Action Council member for the Foundation, she worked to promote BFRB awareness and engage teen and young adults in the BFRB community from 2014 to 2018. Since 2017, she has also co-led LGBTQIA+ support groups at the TLC Foundation annual conferences.

Rachel DiComo, Graduate Intern

Rachel DiComo earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Towson University and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Towson University and is expected to graduate in May 2019.

In addition to her internship at The Maryland Anxiety Center, Ms. DiComo works as a research assistant in Dr. Sandra Llera’s anxiety lab at Towson University. She has engaged in lab meetings discussing current students’ research studies and upcoming conferences, as well as participating in research discussions on anxiety theories and models. Ms. DiComo also proctored current students’ thesis research and scored measures & questionnaires.

In past years she has completed internships at The Kennedy Krieger Institute in their Child and Family Therapy Clinic and their Behavior Management Clinic. Ms. DiComo also worked as a research assistant for Dr. Bethany Brand in her Treatment of Patients with Dissociative Disorders Study (TOP DD Study) at Towson University.

Internship Program

The Maryland Anxiety Center offers a 12-week internship program to provide undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to develop specialized training on the nature and treatment of anxiety and related disorders from a cognitive behavioral perspective. Our students participate in weekly training sessions where they learn from experts about cognitive behavioral therapy, the treatment of anxiety & related disorders and get an inside view of what it is like to work as a therapist in private practice. As part of their training, interns receive psychoeducation and observe mock intake evaluations/diagnostic assessments & mock therapy sessions. In addition, MAC interns assist with various projects such as researching, writing, developing presentations and creating clinical & administrative materials. Interns are in the office approximately five hours per week for training, participating in staff meetings, and observing supervision and case consultation of MAC clinicians. Additional hours can be obtained out of the office to meet any academic requirements.

Applications and resumes should be sent to abatton@marylandanxietycenter.com. Resumes are ONLY accepted February 15 to March 15 for summer positions, April 15 to May 15 for fall positions, and October 15 to November 15 for spring positions. We accept up to four undergraduate interns per term, and one graduate intern for the entire academic year (August/September until May/June). Please do not call our office regarding our internship program.

Maryland Anxiety Center Director Andrea G. Batton (right) working with our summer 2016 interns Gabby Milando (left) of Wake Forest University & Brittany Lambert (center) of Stevenson University

Fall 2018 Intern – Rachel DiComo of Towson University

Summer 2018 Interns – Dan Gordon (left) of Towson University, Ella Damstra (left center) of Johns Hopkins University, Carly McWilliams (right center) of Towson University, and Xiaoye Zuo (Zoey) (right) of University of California, Los Angeles

Spring 2018 Interns – Emily Heinlein (left) of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Erin Monahan (center) of Towson University, and Clark Elliott (right) of University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Fall 2017 Interns – Rachel Horn (left) of Johns Hopkins University and Erin Monahan (right) of Towson University

Summer 2017 Interns – Nicholas Ireland (left) of Northeastern University, Rachel Horn (center) of Johns Hopkins University, and Michael Di Bianca (right) of Loyola University Maryland

Spring 2017 Interns – Kristin Spiegel (left) of Johns Hopkins University and Kirstie McKnew (right) of Stevenson University

Fall 2016 Interns – Samantha Bauer (left) of Towson University, Ashley Pinter (center) of Stevenson University, and Amanda Barshak (right) of Towson University.

Summer 2016 Interns – Brittany Lambert (left) of Stevenson University & Gabby Milando (right) of Wake Forest University

Update on Our Interns: Currently several of our former interns are working on advanced degrees. Samantha Bauer started working on her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University, Rachel Horn has been accepted into the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Harvard University, Michael Di Bianca will start working on his doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Boston College, Gabby Milando is in process of applying to graduate schools, Brittany Lambert is working on her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Capella University, and Kristin Spiegel is currently in the process of applying to medical school, with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist.

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